Hill villages you don’t want to miss

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They lie scattered over the green hills; the small, ancient villages where time seems to stand still. Where the shutters and doors remain closed during the day to keep the heat out

The first times I visited the villages I thought most of the houses were deserted. The shops closed to not open again.

Now I know. Here the rhythm is different.

Early in the morning the shutters and shops are opened, the sidewalks swept in front of the house, the flowers are watered in pots. Fresh bread is bought from the bakery, an espresso is drunk at the bar and the latest news is exchanged with the neighbors.

The news that is new since the previous evening, when the hot afternoon was also over, and small tables and chairs were set out in front of the house for the aperitivo or family meal. When the narrow streets filled with voices, the parks with children playing and the terraces with lovers.

On a balmy evening somewhere in a village in Le Marche.

Do you want to experience that feeling? Then these are the villages that are definitely worth a visit.


She’s a prizewinner, Grottammare. Declared one of the most beautiful villages in Le Marche. Along the beach are nice beach clubs and beautiful old villas, but for the old village center – Borgo Anitco – you go up the hill. You can optionally park the car near the city walls and then continue through the small, narrow street.

There are several beautiful terraces on Piazza Pereti for a delicious lunch or apperativo. You will also find the theater here with its beautiful arcade from which you have a view of the sea.

In the distance you can see the town of San Benedetto del Tronto.

Cupra Marittima

The village of Cupra Marittima is also divided into a part that lies along the coast with beautiful villas and fine beach clubs, and an old center on the hill above.

It’s quite a climb – you can park the car a little higher up the mountain if there is still a spot available – but the climb is absolutely worth it.

You will not find shops here, but you will find peace and a breathtaking view. After the climb, you can settle down on the beautiful terrace of restaurant Pepe Nero (Via Castello 84) and enjoy the chef’s multi-course dinner.


The medieval town of Offida sits high on hills full of vineyards. It is bigger than the villages mentioned above, but a real gem. It is further from the coast, and the route there through the hills is fantastic.

This is the city of lace making, an ancient craft that is still practiced today. On Thursday there is a local market and all the lace shops will be open as well. You will find up to three generations in one family that run a small shop.

Here you can eat in the shade under the old arcade at the restaurant Osteria Cantina Offida (Piazza del Popolo 14) while overlooking the large square lined with historic houses.

Then continue to the rock on which the church of Santa Maria della Rocca is built. Here the serene light in the upper church competes with the murals in the lower church. The view of the vine hills and the deep valley is breathtaking.


Every time you turn the corner, you find yourself in a charming, narrow alley again. With well-kept flower boxes on the balconies, on the walls and on the ground. Every worn shutter is brightened up by flowers.

Here you will find a beautiful old church in the village square and if you continue from there past some small shops, there is a nice terrace under the arcade at the theater of this town, Teatro Mercantini (Piazza XX Settembre). Would you rather have a view over the hills? Then walk through the restaurant to the hidden terrace at the rear.

And don’t forget to look up the narrowest alley in Italy! It is located near this same square and is only 43 cm wide.

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Palazzo Puro in Le Marche

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