Tips for a day in San Benedetto del Tronto

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San Benedetto del Tronto is a beautiful town on the Adriatic coast. And the city has a lot more to offer, besides beautiful beaches with the famous Italian umbrellas.

Here you can take a nice walk on the pier, spend a day shopping and then finish with a delicious lunch or dinner. And all this within walking distance of each other.

Read below what your day in San Benedetto del Tronto could look like.

1. Walk the Molo Sud

On the Molo Sud (Viale delle Tamerici 5), the south pier, you can take a beautiful walk and admire the special sculptures of several artists, carved into the white travetine boulders. There is also a good chance that you will encounter street artists here.

After a fifteen minute walk on this pier – if the city is already far behind you – you come to the bronze artwork, a circle with seagulls. The view over the sea is breathtaking and there are nice benches to relax. The pier then continues until you finally reach Punta Molo Sud.

Does the sun burn high in the sky and did you get thirsty after the walk back to the harbour? Then have a drink at the beginning of the pier at Bar Circolo Nautico (Viale delle Tamerici 5) where you can enjoy an Aperol spritze, for example, while watching the yachts sway in the harbor.

2. Shopping on a beautiful promenade

It seems as if confetti has been sprinkled. Tall oleanders along the shopping promenade celebrate with pink and white flowers. Stucco houses in sweet pastel colours, colored swans from the children’s train that is about to leave. Scooped ice cream in long rows behind the glass of the counter of the ice cream shop Cremose (Via Palestro 27) in seductive colours.

It feels as if the sun has touched everything and everyone. A smile on the sun-kissed faces of the passers-by, the shiny cobblestones of the promenade, the rainbow formed by the high spouting water of the fountain on the Rotonda Giorgini.

Tall palm trees form shadows on the facade of the century-old building right next to the fine terrace of the beautiful restaurant Boka (Via Gian Maria Paolini 10).

Here on this beautiful promenade you will find nice shops. For example, you will find Zuiki (Viale Secondo Moretti 51) where you can buy nice basics for a good price. In addition, the large bookshop Mondador where you will find a good selection in all genres. You will also find well-known clothing stores here such as Benetton (Via Antonio Gramsci) and gift shops such as Flying Tiger Copenhagen (Via Calatafimi 4)

3. Diner in the trendy restaurant Havena

In front of the impressive green tiled wall of the hip restaurant Harena (Via Oleandri 1, 63074) is a white light sculpture in the shape of a tree. Under the facade is an attractive terrace with mint green metal chairs. Inside, everything becomes even more impressive.

Enzo Eusebi, a well-known Italian architect who has designed beautiful buildings and interiors worldwide, has converted an old disco into a fantastic restaurant. When I meet him unexpectedly at the entrance of the restaurant, he gives an extensive tour and introduces us to the restaurant owner.

Guests pour in, all festively dressed for a wonderful evening of pampering. The dishes are exquisite, the buzz of the hip city sensible. You could be here in New York or Tokyo, and yet be minutes away from the Italian countryside bordering that azure sea.

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