Three beautiful beach clubs in Cupra Marittima

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When you walk on the beach and look at all the different beach clubs with their own umbrellas and sunbeds, you soon realize that you want to try them all.

In Cupra Marittima everything is still quite authentic, and there is a mix between centuries-old houses along the boulevard and the more 70s square buildings on the beach.

But that’s what makes it so much fun! It is casual, and gives a feeling of freedom.

Reservations are not necessary here for lunch or dinner in the early and late season, but it is recommended in August. Italians love extensive dining – also during lunch – and a table is therefore only given once and held for you until you get there.

There are gems among the sometimes somewhat outdated restaurants that you have to know where to find.

Below you will find the three beautiful beach clubs in Cupra Marittima.

Restaurant Koko beach

At Koko beach & restaurant (Viale romita concessione 29) you can step onto the terrace from the beach. Here you can lounge on the benches under the palm trees, or sit down at a stylishly set table with white linen under the canopy.

Gray and mint green chairs combine nicely with a wooden bar. The sliding glass walls are completely open, and the light sea breeze makes the design lamps rotate.

The food is delicious – especially many fish dishes are on the menu, such as tuna tartare or pasta vongole – and the wine choice is very fine. The white pecorino grape for which Le Marche is so famous can be found at many wineries in the area and therefore also on the wine list.

It’s hard to get up again once you’re settled here. La dolce vita, nothing more is needed.

Restaurant Il Gabbiano

The owners Marco and Erika have transformed this beach club Il Gabbiano (Viale T Bergmark, Isola Pdonale Nord) into a gem. It is located at the very north end of the promenade, right next to the small fishing harbour.

You can enjoy lunch in the shade and enjoy beautiful dishes. Tasty coffees are made at the bar and a scroppino is also a nice drink on a hot day.

If you stay here long enough, you will experience how the orange-yellow umbrellas color beautifully in the sky as the sun sets behind the hills.

Restaurant Sea Life

The Chalet Sea Life (Via Nazario Sauro 15) is close to the local surf and sailing club. The decor is trendy and the glass sliding doors offer a full view of the beach and the sea.

When you walk in you are greeted kindly as if they have known you for a long time. The wine is delicious, the food tastes great.

These are the places you don’t really want to leave after lunch, if it was not for the sea that is luring you.

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